About Us

SEOTECH PROCESS CONTROL AND AUTOMATION ENGINEERING LIMITED is committed to quality, safety and economy of all projects. We are also committed to being a market driven construction and engineering company providing excellent services with the highest professional standards to the oil and non-oil based industries.


SEOTECH Services are provided through a co-ordinate network of specialist divisions, each with wide experience in applying its skills in a variety of areas. We can provide one or a combination of the following services tailored to your needs, ranging from a completely coordinated project engineering and management package to specialist assistance on a particular assignment.

. Project Engineering
   . SEOTECH Process Control and Automation Engineering Limited can plan schedule your entire
     project from start-up to commissioning and maintenance. CNL employs team of experts to cover all      aspects of project and contract management, including budgeting and cost control, certification and      documentation, purchasing, expediting and shipping, construction supervision and logistics

. Engineering Design
  . SEOTECH Process Control and Automation Engineering Limited has extensive database of
     engineering, design and drafting personnel covering many area and disciplines. This professional      database can assist both operators and design contractors to handle any phase of a project as an      independent integrated team or to supplement the clients existing staff. SEOTECH’s database can      typically cater for a variety of disciplines, for example:

Meet the Founder

Founder Pic 1
Ojo Lawrence

. E & I Services from concept through    commissioning
. Multi-Vendor experience in control,    instrumentation and Automation    systems
. Lead Engineer and Project Manager    with 8 years specific experience.
. Trained & authorized system    integrator on most leading    hardware & software platforms.