Quality Management Policy


SEOTECH Process Control and Automation Engineering Limited provide a comprehensive range of quality control services utilizing the most modern equipment available today. Experienced technicians, trained to recognized standards such as ASNT, ERS, CSWIP, and AINDT, have served the majority of oil companies, providing the following non-destructive testing, inspection and technical services:

            – Radiography
            – Ultrasonic Flow Detection
            – Magnetic particle Testing
            – Dye Penetrant Testing
            – Laboratory Services
            – Welding and Fabrication Inspection/Supervision
            – Corrosion and Protection Coatings Inspection
            – Vendor Surveillance
            – Welder Testing and Qualification
            – Weldments Procedures Testing
            – Dimensional Control
            –Training for NDT

     Safety & Environmental Policy



              We recognize the need and requirements of good health, safety and environmental standards.                We believe that all work related accidents incidents and ill health are preventable. To this end,                the company's operations will not only comply with all relevant legislation, but also the policies                and standards laid down by our clients, as well as the company's own policies and standards



            . The company recognizes Alcohol or Drug dependence as a Treatable condition.
            . Employee who have an alcohol or drug dependence are encouraged to seek medical advice,                and to follow treatment.
            . The company will assist an employee to obtain treatment.
            . No employee will work whist impaired by drugs or alcohol.



            We employ:


                 Baseline Environmental Data Acquisition (BEDA)
                     Helps to acquire comprehensive data on the condition of the environment
                 Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
                     . Identifies quantities and assess the environmental impacts of the dredging at a very                      easily stage of development.
                     . Prevent I minimizes and adverse environmental effects up-fronts
                 Post Impact Assessment (PIA)
                     Identifies, quantities, qualities and assesses the environmental; impact of a completed                      project or achieving.                                                                                              top



                     We employ the use of SPDC Approved Vacuum Truck to remove contaminated oil from                      spillage and dispose it at SPDC approved site. While at the same time taking into                      consideration,measures (Barriers) required to prevent future occurrence of this hazard to                      the environment.



                     Identity of product, Composition of product ,Physicio - chemical properties and                      Summary of products are listed on the SHOC card.

                 WASTE MANAGEMENT

                     The purpose of waste management is to minimize the potential our waste stream to                      cause harm to human health and the environment. We apply seven tags to waste                      management:


                     S/No        Type of Waste                               Approved SPDC Bin
                     1                Food                                                 Green container
                     2                Glass waste                                       Blue container
                     3                Paper waste                                      Black plastic bag
                     4                Chemical empty cans                        Red container
                     5                Plastic waste                                     Brown container
                     6                General waste                                   Black bins
                     7                Metal waste                                       Black metal

            The 4RS principles of waste management applied includes:

                     . Reduction: generate lead waste through more efficient practices
                     . Reuse: reuse materials in that original for e.g. lube oil hydraulic fluid
                     . Recycle: Convert waste back into a usable form
                     . Recover: Extract materials or energy from waste for other use
            After all these, the next stage is disposal.



     Community Relations Policy


SEOTECH PROCESS CONTROL AND AUTOMATION ENGINEERING LIMITED is a wholly Nigerian owned and registered company doing business in various communities (both Oil Producing and Non-Producing) in the Niger Delta region and beyond for several years. In line with our policy for community relations is to nurture and sustain professionally our local people and their resources to support the ever-changing needs of our environment and operations.
As a result the following policy measures are put in place to achieve our noble objectives:
            . Build confidence and partnership through truthful and sincere relationship with the               communities.
            . Make the issue of a safe, healthy, clean and sustainable environment the core-concern of our               relationship.
            . Provide employment opportunities for the host communities particularly youths, adult, and               women in our areas of operations.

            . Make use of local resources i.e. sand, water, timber and wood products etc. and their               contractors in the execution of our projects.

            . Involve existing local institution and organization such as kings, chiefs, elders, youth groups,               communities development associations, women organizations, town unions, local government               councils and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that can lead, manage and ensure that               projects delivered to communities are maintained on a sustainable basis.
            . To liaise with all interest groups in the various communities where we operate, to conceive               and develop relevant projects/programmes for the communities aimed at transforming them               into modern and environmentally clean places, to correspond with the abundance of wealth               found in these communities.                                                                                           top