SEOTECH Services are provided through a co-ordinate network of specialist divisions, each with wide experience in applying its skills in a variety of areas. We can provide one or a combination of the following services tailored to your needs, ranging from a completely coordinated project engineering and management package to specialist assistance on a particular assignment.


Products and Services



           – Supplying, Installation & Maintenance of electric motors, compressors, pumps, control valves               and panels, diesel engines, generators etc.
           – Construction of transmission lines and substations
           – Glanding and termination of (cables power and signal) in junction boxes, instrument panels,               Control Panels, transformers, motor etc.
           – Supplying & Installation of PLC and DCS cables
           – Supplying & Installation of smoke, thermal and gas detectors
           – Supplying & Installation of High Tension Transformers
           – Supplying & Installation of electric Poles (HT poles & LT Poles)
           – Supplying & Installation of Generators & Conduit wiring



          – This department provides prompt and high quality services in the area of mechanical             engineering construction and maintenance, which includes:-
          – Pipeline/Flow line Construction
          – Wellhead Piping Installations
          – Flow line Repairs
          – Flow line Clamping
          – Scrapper Trap, Construction and Installation
          – Inlet Manifold Modification
          – Scrubber Construction /Modification
          – Pipe Support Construction.                                                                                              top



The principal services provided include:

          – Economic and Feasibility Studies
          – Comprehensive Planning Services
          – Comprehensive Instrumentation Services
          – Comprehensive Engineering Services
          – Plan Review and Value Analysis
          – Construction Management and Supervision


The principal disciplines wherein we maintain in-house capability are:

          – Master Planning
          – Structural Design
          –  Water Supply System Design
          –  Electrical Engineering Design
          – Instrumentation & Control Engineering Design
          – Mechanical Engineering Design
          – Sanitary Engineering                                                                                                       top




Services are an extension of the company’s expertise in paints and coatings, and can utilize either sacrificial or impressed current systems. This service, which can be provided as either a total package or as a specialists supplement to a clients own capabilities, including:


          – initial site survey;
          – system design;
          – procurement and supply,
          – installation, commissioning and maintenance.


We are  also involved in:
          – Long Term Services Contracts;


We provide specialist for the duration for each specific task

          – AD-HOC Service Contract;

Specialists are provided at short notice and usually for short periods in cases when your existing staff cannot handle peak workloads, damage repairs, unscheduled maintenance or similar situation.

          – Stand-By Service Contracts;                                                                                            top



We supply competent technical personnel to major companies handling projects in oil and gas fields on permanent or contract basis which includes:


          – Graduates (M.Sc., B.Sc., B.A, HND etc)
          – Middle level technical (OND, C&G etc)
          – Low level technical (WASC, Trade Test etc)
          – Unskilled labour                                                                                                              top



          – Supervision of work on project sites
          – Project Planning
          – Pre-commissioning test                                                                                                   top